What We Do For You

In essence, we serve you. We help business operators to greater organisations with telemarketing.

The services we offer include:

  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Follow-ups
  • Surveys
  • Database Updating
  • Telesales

Basically, we do this: If someone has to pick up a phone to speak to an existing, previous or potential customer, we are your go-to service. We take an existing customer prospect list. Using this list, we generate LEADS, SALES, APPOINTMENTS or any other reason. Our expert telemarketers work on your behalf. It makes no difference if you are a single entity or a multinational conglomerate. We can help you.

Our Process

We do not have minimums. This means you may hire us for any length of time: an hour, week, month or year.

Step One

You choose our services. We send you the brief to complete.  Return it, and we meticulously prepare your campaign.

Step Two

We establish the campaign to your specifications. You give us the go-ahead. We start calling and bringing in live leads.

Step Three

Did we go above and beyond for you? Pause our services, and pick back up when you are ready. Reports are provided for every milestone.

Why Choose Us

We have learned what works.  We also know what does not work.  This means FIRST CLASS:

  • Staff
  • Processes
  • Script Design
  • Results

A professional service recognizes the importance of another professional service.

Our campaign work is designed to your specifications. We take your message and lock onto the person in charge based on the parameters you select.

Your time is better spent with the necessary day to day operations. Use what we can offer you to maximize that time wisely. Our team is on hand and ready to assist.

What We Offer

We have been in business for almost two decades. We have experience with government, associations and all size of businesses – anyone that requires telemarketing support.

Best Service

Our services are fast, professional and trustworthy. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs no matter the size of your business.

Best Rates

Our rates are cost effective for your needs with a team of telemarketers and managers who are experienced and professional.

Best Results

We boast an impressive average of over 65 percent positive response no matter what the service. We know what does and does not produce results.

Our Services

Telemarketing Services

The secret to a great telemarketing team is quality.  Our staff has updated training in how to identify sales opportunities quicker than other telemarketing services – a vital skill when working on a campaign.

Appointment Setting

We have a special team for appointment setting. We can create business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) leads for any need. We stay with the customer until they opt into the product or service.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing and scrubbing are best left to outsourcing. This saves you and your business precious time for other elements of your daily operations. This can also reduce your operating costs.


Industry Veterans in Telemarketing

You get one chance to make a first impression on a potential customer. A chance that can make or break your reputation and brand. We, at Tristyle Marketing, have accumulated knowledge in all areas that require some form of telemarketing. We offer great returns on your investment in our services. We have solutions that meet your needs and budget. There are no Setup Fees or Lock-in contract requirements. We stand on the results we produce.

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