Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

We are experts in setting appointments.

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We have a special team for appointment setting.  The team can create business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) leads for any need. Organizations have the opinion their staff is better at closing appointments than using precious time in setting appointments. The reason is simple.  Using the phone versus face to face sales are two different modes of thinking.  Calls can often lead a competent sales professional into a glum mood, sapping all of their positive sales energy. We can get you better results.  This is our daily job.  We have honed the appointment setting duty to a precise science. We stay with the customer until they opt into the product or service. Someone within your business or organization needs an image projected of professionalism with another individual calling and making appointments.

This means better professional image.  As the owner or director, how good does it look for you to call prospects and set appointments? Small business owners – you get the value as well.  Would you rather call, or have another person call on your behalf? The size of our team means a large volume of appointments for any size business or organization.  This means ramping volume with as little or as much as necessary. Volume is one thing.  The prospect level, the CEO to a small business owner, means time to make those sales appointments.  Time that could take two days or two months for large prospects to less than a day for smaller ones. Those who are thinking their current staff can handle telemarketing – consider the following.  Caller reluctance, inefficiency and wasting time means the average employee only logs 12 – 13 calls a hour.  We do double this.  We can make two times the number of calls in an hour and get better results. Our team are professionals.  There is no worry about call ins, sick days, training, monitoring and most importantly, a headache free environment. We can work for you two days a week based on the times you establish.  We can use a Google calendar as well.  Send us the email you wish to link, and we respond for access to that link.  This way we sync calendars together.

Industry Veterans in Telemarketing

You get one chance to make a first impression on a potential customer. A chance that can make or break your reputation and brand. We, at Tristyle Marketing, have accumulated knowledge in all areas that require some form of telemarketing. We offer great returns on your investment in our services. We have solutions that meet your needs and budget. There are no Setup Fees or Lock-in contract requirements. We stand on the results we produce.

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