Prospect Lists

Prospect Lists

Your list is one of the most important elements of a telemarketing campaign.  It can determine success or failure.

There are normally four types of lists:

  • Personal database
  • In-house telemarketing list
  • Directory pages
  • Pre-purchased list

Which is the best?

The best list is the one with the most up to date information with contact details about the decision maker.  This means directory lists are null and void.  It may also exclude in-house lists because these can be well out-dated by several years.

Your best option is your own list or one that you have bought.  There is no such thing as “free” prospect data.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can save money with an in-house list or directory for calls.  The biggest hurdle you will encounter is reaching the person who makes the decisions.  It may not happen at all.

Cycling through the numerous gatekeepers and call screeners to reach your target is time consuming.  Making home calls is means taking equal chances, as the wrong person will blow the call.

Conversely, a list of details for the telemarketer to gain familiarity means a larger percentage of calls making it to the right person.

Consider: A person calls you and inquires who is in charge of purchasing.  You will immediately peg this as a telemarketing call and immediately move on the defensive. Now, consider if someone calls, and asks for a specific person.  This personalizes the call and changes the outcome.

In house lists may have contacts for those in charge but often these details are grossly out of date. There is also the chance the contact has already had calls about a similar product or service, and this can lead to a negative feeling about your call.

By the time you are done trying to navigate who is still valid on the list, you will have spent as much time and effort as it would have been to buy a current list of prospects.

Do you have your own list?  Excellent.

However, with your own list, you will still have to navigate the endless list of gatekeepers, receptionists and secretaries.  You may not reach the target on the first few calls if at all.

The higher the rank in the business or organization, the harder it will be to make contact.

It is up to you to decide if the trouble of navigating the endless number of people before reaching your target is worthwhile, with the understanding there may not be a contact at all. You had best be certain your list is up to date with compliance and do not call registries as well.

Quality Data is not free.  Free = Fake.

Quality data that comes at a discount or ridiculously low cost will either be grossly incorrect or rife with extra, hidden fees and costs. Your best solution is a list customized to your specific targets from a reputable source.


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