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Professional Telemarketing Services

Our team is highly trained and skilled. This means the team will meet specific goals and objectives in several ways: increase revenue, get hotter leads or generate additional appointments.

We have the intimate understanding of the customer. We know when they are ready for additional information or are ready to seal a deal.

Basically, we handle any services that require using a phone to interact with customers. We:
• Increase memberships/subscriptions
• Market research and surveys
• Database updating and capturing
• Renewing of policies and accounts
• Promotional campaigns
• Leads generation and qualification
• Sales/Cross Sales/Up Sales
• Appointments
• Bookings
• Fund raising
• Follow up on direct mail
• Mystery shopping

Telemarketing does not have a product to see and touch or a presentation to view. A quality telemarketer uses the skill of language to paint a picture for the customer to see. This picture is strongly convincing and gets the action necessary. This is not an easy skill to master. Without it, a telemarketing campaign is dead before it begins.

Some companies and organizations think to save money by hiring unskilled labor, like students, and paying them a minimum wage. This is the antithesis of what we believe as a company.

The secret to a quality telemarketing team is quality. Our staff has training in how to identify sales opportunities quicker than other telemarketing services – a vital skill when working on a campaign.

The type of campaign is irrelevant. We are professionals who can crack doors open to the buyers and decision makers. We have the techniques to bypass the secretaries, receptionists, attendants and operators.

We have the best rates and results – all with no setup fees or locking into contracts.

Industry Veterans in Telemarketing

You get one chance to make a first impression on a potential customer. A chance that can make or break your reputation and brand. We, at Tristyle Marketing, have accumulated knowledge in all areas that require some form of telemarketing. We offer great returns on your investment in our services. We have solutions that meet your needs and budget. There are no Setup Fees or Lock-in contract requirements. We stand on the results we produce.

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